Quaternion Based Approach: Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

QCI has in-depth strategic, technical and programmatic subject matter expertise. We take an interdisciplinary approach to enable the realization of successful systems. Our Systems Engineering solution focuses on defining customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, and then proceeding with design synthesis. We ensure requirement closure by understanding success criteria and testing with proven system verification and validation techniques. These techniques ensure a smooth transition into operations, thus encompassing the entire system lifecycle. Our focus is to provide objective, timely, high-quality analysis and assessments in support of our customers and decision makers.

QCI brings corporate access to cleared technical experts across the intelligence community. What distinguishes our subject matter experts is that they do the work, not just give advice. Our SMEs solve problems and produce innovative, workable solutions. Our engineers are leaders at developing business case analyses, cost estimates, technical risk, delivery plans, roadmaps and future architectures. We support independent review teams, independent technical assessments, and are integral technical contributors to major system acquisitions.

QCI’s team approach has provided critical expertise and credible technical leadership able to understand and communicate effectively with engineers, analysts, users and decision makers. Our process is proven at all levels of detail, enabling flexibility in products tailored to mission needs.