Careers with Quaternion

With QCI, you’re part of a small, elite team with a big reputation for breakthroughs. That’s because QCI not only does quaternion-based analysis—we excel at it. We do it by hiring outstanding thinkers who are leading subject matter experts in their fields. We invest today’s best new tools and techniques. Instead of a cutthroat consulting environment, we’ve created an extraordinarily collaborative culture that lets each of us shine as mentors with customers and with each other. We’re open about sharing ideas and information because we are confident in our own abilities and committed to staying “best” as a company and in our careers.

While other firms reserve rewards for partners and top executives, every QCI employee enjoys outstanding compensation, benefits, flexibility and freedom in terms of work-life balance and in the unique way you choose to go about delivering breakthroughs in optimizing system performance while driving down costs and risks for our customers. With QCI, you’re part of lean, nimble company that genuinely cares about investing in great people and delivering great value to government and military customers whose programs literally shape our nation.

Joining QCI earns you immediate recognition as part of the most elite team in the field. That expertise continues grow as you work on top-level engagements with other QCI experts who help you expand your skills, knowledge and power to make a difference.

At QCI, our reputation for excellence comes from our commitment to letting employees do their own best work in their own most effective way. There is no one mold to fit, no one way to approach questions or solve problems. There is only an intense focus on finding the breakthroughs in architecture and engineering that let our customers confidently invest in systems that drive up performance while driving down costs and risks.