Quaternion Based Approach: Systems Architecture

Systems Architecture

QCI asserts a strong presence helping organizations design and optimize their portfolios. The team has expertise in both technical trades and the affordability of major systems, helping to find resilient, robust and affordable options. QCI’s engineers and subject matter experts take the time to understand end user needs. We then translate those needs into capabilities, and ultimately requirements. Our solution accounts for the many different ways a user need can be met. We apply cutting-edge analytic techniques to assess the effectiveness of system alternatives in meeting requirements for capabilities that keep our nation safe.

QCI’s ‘Quaternion-Based Approach’ allows us to fully grasp the constraints facing systems architecture: cost, schedule, effectiveness and aversion to risk. The counterpoint to those constraints is the opportunities that are sometimes unnoticed by a myopic view of the problem. Our multi-faceted approach gives lasting value, ensuring a portfolio that is effective now, tomorrow, and years in the future.