Quaternion Based Approach: Modeling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation

QCI’s modeling and simulation capabilities are highly specialized, but can be applied to many disciplines. From cost modeling to orbital analysis modeling, QCI is a recognized leader. Our award-winning team uses sophisticated custom-developed or government-provided tools to simulate physical dependencies, used for optimizing and tailoring anything from satellite orbital configurations to system performance forecast analyses. We contributed to the development of the Multi-Int Architecture – Scenario Assessment Tool (MA-SAT), which won the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Intelligence Integration Unit Citation. Another QCI-developed tool, the Analysis of Alternatives Model, was used exclusively to model cost trades on an Intelligence Community Meritorious Unit Citation award-winning project.

QCI’s models are at the forefront of the industry: broad-ranging architecture analyses all the way down to box-level trades for program trade studies. We pride ourselves on our highly technical approach scaled to fit the projects; single in-depth analysis to trade studies involving tens or hundreds of architectures. QCI has a proven track record of developing modeling and simulation tools and conducting the analyses providing lasting value for our customers.