Quaternion Based Approach


QCI provides the business case analysis and technical assessment needed to give our customers the confidence to make—and justify—decisions with lasting value for increasing system performance and reducing costs and risks.

Our consultants have best-in-domain expertise and proven performance in areas (like the IC) where decisions must be right and must be made quickly. These experts serve as mentors, transferring valuable knowledge and analytic processes that can apply to future decision-making. We use our signature ‘Quaternion-Based Approach’ (QBA) that integrates the four disciplines of cost, engineering, architecture analysis and modeling and
simulation. We develop an architecture assessment that integrates cost analysis, systems engineering analysis and modeling & simulation to provide more rigor in identifying the hardware and configurations needed to drive performance up and risks down. By translating what this will all look like, we help our customer understand the cost and technical risk so they can be confident in making – and defending – decisions that will deliver lasting value.

Systems Architecture: We help customers analyze trade-offs between options for different systems.

Systems Engineering: We perform requirements analysis, test for requirement closure with verification and validation and assist with the transition into operations.

Cost Analysis: We estimate how much systems options will cost our customers and where they can save without sacrificing performance.

Modeling & Simulation: We use modeling & simulation to help our customers take the guesswork out of how to optimize their system portfolios.