Systems Engineering

QCI is an established leader in providing systems engineering services for major system acquisitions. We support initial capability trades, requirement definition, end-to-end testing, independent technical assessments, simulations of system performance, and operations and maintenance of existing assets. We go beyond the system lifecycle by producing Functional Availability (FA) assessments with recommendations of system replenishment strategies. QCI’s ‘Quaternion-Based Approach’ (QBA) adds the multidimensional context necessary to fully evaluate different alternatives and be confident in choosing the right system requirements to drive performance up and to drive risks and costs down. At QCI, we have the capability to see an enterprise-level view of the mission and are well-positioned to give customers the confidence to make decisions with lasting value.

Architectural System Engineering

  • Architecture Capability Assessment
  • Concept Design and Next Generation Definition
  • Advanced Technology Roadmap
  • Requirements Analysis

System Integration & Test

  • Analysis of factory segment, system and enterprise test programs
  • End-to-End and Day-In-The-Life testing
  • Support all program readiness milestones

Independent Technical Assessment

  • Systems Acquisitions Strategies
  • Cost and Schedule Assessments
  • Integrating Cost and Technical Methods and Model Development

Modeling & Simulation

  • Space System Modeling and Simulation Development
  • Performance & Sensitive Analysis
  • Functional Availability / Reliability Analysis