Cost Engineering

QCI’s cost analysis capabilities merge cost and statistical analytics with technical system performance. The nuanced and complex nature of major system trades requires highly skilled QCI engineers and experts to employ advanced modeling techniques. QCI’s capabilities extend from the box-level of detail all the way to system-of-system portfolio trades. Our past performance in the high-stakes intelligence community enables us to find savings others may miss and to find those savings while delivering immediate-value features and functionality you may not even have known were possible.

Cost Estimating

  • Life Cycle Cost Estimates
  • Estimate Reviews (Budget Sufficiency, Proposals, Program Office Estimates)
  • Schedule Estimates
  • Risk and Sensitivity Analysis

Specialty Cost Products

  • Acquisition Strategy Assessments
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Architecture Trade Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Portfolio Analysis

Methods & Model Development

  • Data Collection and Normalization
  • Cost and Schedule Estimating Relationships
  • Model Development
  • Cost/Technical Research